Rising Tide

By Bev Bell | Posted: Wednesday February 1, 2017

In the next few weeks the Rising Tide resources will be used in our school. We will be using the book in our classrooms and the children will bring their copy home to share with you.

In the back you’ll find some discussion points and exercises for families. The resources and support notes are also available online where you can also listen to the story in english or Te reo Māori.

After the success of 'Maia and the Worry Bug' and 'Wishes and Worries' families and schools asked for something for older children. 'Rising Tide' was written and developed for Year 5-8 children to support resilience and emotional intelligence. With the generous support of New Zealand Red Cross all children and teachers in Year 5-8 classrooms in Canterbury were funded to receive a copy.

Massey University will be researching the efficacy of the books and as a school community we’d like to support this.

Watch out for the resource, it is coming soon - your children will want to talk about it and it will provide an opportunity for us to work together as a family and school community on this.

For more info please visit www.theworrybug.co.nz and find us on Facebook