Yesterday evening Casebrook hosted the schools in our Khui Ako, Bishopdale, Cotswold, Papanui Primary, Northcote, Redwood and Papanui High along with a number of our ECEs.

By Will Stribling | Posted: Wednesday November 9, 2022

The whnau of our students turned out in large numbers and really supported the performances. Thank you to staff from all schools for assisting with both the organisation of the students and the cooking and serving of the kai. A special thank you to Trina Wilkinson for the overall organisation.

Last week saw the first of two Dunedin Inquiry Camps take place and the second camp will depart on Monday. During the trip, students will visit museums, the Albatross Colony and have an interactive tour of Otago University as well as many other activities over the week.

Next Wednesday, Spectechular will take place where our community and future Year 7's are invited to view the vast array of creations from our technology and specialist programmes. Our staff and students can be very proud of the originality and variety of work produced.

End of year functions are fast approaching. Please ensure that you have these dates in your calendar.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the classroom teacher or the staff in the office.

Will Stribling

Assistant Principal

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