Itinerant Music

By Christine Gillard | Posted: Wednesday February 22, 2017

Music lessons will commence Week 5.

Here is the link if you would like to enrol your child for itinerant music lessons.

Group lessons work on a formula of six students per hour with students grouped according to their ability. The fee for group lessons is $220 for the year. Group lessons are a good way of finding out if you enjoy learning the instrument you choose.

Music lessons must be paid before tuition. If you have also hired the instrument this can be paid off weekly. If you have any concerns about payment please feel free to email me on  

Tutors will contact you by email.

Casebrook has very talented, experienced tutors.

Violin tuition

Violin tuition will again be available at school. After one year of study you could play some simple but satisfying pieces in classical and celtic styles. Violins are available to hire from the school. Lessons are given by Ian Bolton, Dip. Mus., who plays with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

Guitar tuition 

Steve Fowler has now been teaching guitar at Casebrook for six years. Steve takes both group sessions, and private lessons for guitar and bass plus runs all the pop and rock band performance groups. There are lots of opportunities during the year for students to be involved in performance events. Rock and pop band auditions will be taking place in 2-3 weeks time when lessons begin. We encourage everyone that plays drums, keyboard, guitar or bass, and is interested in singing to have a go at auditioning. 

Singing tuition

Able to teach all ages and abilities. Vocal technique, sight singing, stylization, repertoire, performance technique and more.  Individual and group lessons available (max of 4 in a group lesson)  Lessons are given by Anneliese Veronese

Percussion tuition

Aidan is an experienced Christchurch drum tutor who has been playing for 12 years and has a degree in Bachelor of Music Arts from the Ara Institute of Canterbury. He has a Grade 8 Distinction from Trinity College and has played in numerous bands including brass bands for six years, two covers bands, a wedding band and a jazz band. This year he is teaching full time both in schools and privately. On the drums, students can learn any style of music including anything from rock to jazz and even choose their own songs to play along to.

Saxophone tuition

The saxophone is a dynamic and expressive instrument which features in all sorts of genres of music; from classical and jazz, all the way through to pop, rock and traditional world music. It is an instrument that's well suited for beginners of music and is really fun and quick to learn. The saxophone has an awesome sound and can be played to fit into any style; soft and quiet or loud and crazy, the choice is yours.

Flute tuition

Janet Simon has been teaching flute and music theory at Casebrook for 16 years and has thoroughly enjoyed continuing that relationship as a flute teacher and the conductor of the Papanui High “Silvertones” flute ensembles with students up until year 13 and beyond.

The flute has a lovely warm tone with an octave range of 3 octaves. Fingering is similar to the recorder but sound is achieved by blowing across the hole in the lip plate of the headjoint (very much like blowing across the opening of a bottle) but we hold the flute transversly.

The flute is a good solo instrument as well as a strong instrument in orchestras, concert bands, ensemble music and chamber music.