An Interview with Miss Cooper

By Aleasha Smits and Bailey Vaughan | Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2017

On Tuesday the 4th of April we interviewed Miss Cooper to find out about the things she does out of school and what she does in her job.

Miss Cooper was born in Mosgiel near Dunedin but calls Christchurch her home, but she still supports all Otago sports teams.  She moved to Christchurch to go to Linwood High School (which is now Linwood College).  At Linwood High Miss Cooper studied primary teaching and got a diploma in this subject. Then in 2011 she went back to Christchurch University of Canterbury to upgrade her diploma to a degree in teaching.

Miss Cooper enjoys spending time with her daughters Ruby (aged 10) and Stella (aged 8). She also loves cooking and doing some bootcamps.

Some significant events in Miss Cooper’s life were becoming a parent and and living in London for four years.  Also another significant event was when she graduated and working through all her goals she wanted to achieve, such as running a half marathon.  When Stella had completed her first year at school she wanted to come back and be a full time teacher again as well as a coordinator.

Her favourite thing about teaching is seeing kids achieve goals they never thought they could do and also watching them grow in their learning.  She also commented “that even though most days are the same there is always such a variety in her job’’.

Some of her personal heroes are her teacher Mrs Nule who she said inspired her to partly become a teacher.  She also said her parents were her heroes as her dad would have done anything for anyone and wanted nothing in return and her mum always helped out and is an awesome grandmother to Miss Cooper’s two daughters.

Overall Mrs Cooper is a hard working teacher, a super coordinator and a great person to have at Casebrook Intermediate. We’d like to acknowledge our gratitude in having the time to speak with her and mention how much we enjoyed the interview.

By Aleasha Smits and Bailey Vaughan