An interview with Mr Singh.

By Isabel Fairley and Kate Mundy | Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2017

Mr Singh is a RTLB, a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour,who works at Casebrook Intermediate School and around the city at other schools.

Mr Singh was born and raised in Bishopdale, Christchurch. He went to Wairakei Primary School and the University of Canterbury.  He studied agricultural economics, and he got a master’s degree in education and counselling, he also went to military training.  He said “Military training was physically and mentally challenging but fun and I think that everyone should go through these challenges”.  We agree, but not necessarily in the military.

An RTLB supports/helps schools and teachers with students that need a bit more help with their learning.  He said that the best part of his job is seeing students and teachers becoming happier about school and more successful with their work.

In his spare time Mr Singh kayaks, walks his dog, plays rugby and likes to do DJing. Mr Singh has been DJing since high school, he has done it at wedding’s, athletics days, events and discos.

Some significant events that he recalls are, the change from the imperial system to the metric system, the first computer, colour T.V, the Y2K bug (1999-2000), having seven children (surely this is hard to forget!), and he got to use one of the first scientific calculators before he left high school. These changes were significant for him because they all created changes that he had to adapt to.

Some of his personal heroes are, Sir Edmund Hillary, Barack Obama, Mother Teresa and Michael Jackson because they all made some big changes. He never wanted to be a teacher but he loved working with children, he also never thought that he would become a councillor.

We really enjoyed our interview with Mr Singh and are grateful for the time he made for it. 

Isabel Fairley and Kate Mundy