An Interview with Bevan

By Elliott Hamilton and Alvin Li | Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2017

On Tuesday the 4th of April we had an interview with Bevan, our Casebrook School caretaker.

So here are some of the things we found out about Bevan.  He moved to Christchurch and now lives here, but he was born in Rangiora and grew up there.  He also went to Ashgrove Primary and went to Rangiora High School when he was older. His favourite subjects at school were art and wood work.

His job title at Casebrook is a caretaker and he is now a full time caretaker for Casebrook.  He mows the lawn, helps the garden and makes new projects.  He doesn’t have a favourite part about his job because it’s all fun. He is going to be the caretaker for Casebrook until he retires or maybe even longer.  He became a caretaker for Casebrook because he was a cleaner in the saw mills for twelve years and part time afternoon cleaner for 18 months.  He is nearly one year into his full time job now. We think being a cleaner for that long one would have some perseverance.

His biggest hobby is racing Honda CRX cars. He started this about thirty years ago at about the age of 23. You can do the maths on his age! He had two roll overs during his racing but hasn’t been hurt by them. He won trophies and sashes from racing and it has become a big time thing in his life outside of school. We think winning all those awards would be very cool.

One of the biggest events in his life was the earthquake.  He doesn’t have any personal heroes but he used to help his dad with his racing horses when he was younger.  He is 52 years old right now and is turning 53 this year, just in case you had not worked it out! He has one sister and no brothers. His sister lives in Australia. He works on his car at home and rests for the next day.

It was fun interviewing Bevan, he is very friendly and we hope that you know more about him now.

By Elliott Hamilton and Alvin Li.