Otago Daily Times Canterbury Spelling Quiz. 

By Bev Bell | Posted: Wednesday June 7, 2017

Last night, students from Casebrook Intermediate participated in the Otago Daily Times Spelling Quiz at Clearview School, Rolleston. 

Two teams from Casebrook, one Year 7 and one Year 8, competed against 67 other teams in the annual event. The Casebrook Year 8 team came 5= with 94 points and the Year 7 team came 12 = with 87 points. A great effort Casebrook!

There were ten rounds of spelling and tricky problems for us to solve. The different rounds consisted of spelling, dictionary skills, proofreading and a “Who am I?” 

A typical “Who Am I? goes like this.” Can you do it?

Five clues are read out - the first clue is worth 5 points; second clue 4 points, third clue 3 points, fourth clue 2 points and final clue 1 point. If you get the answer wrong - zero points and no more chances.

Clue 1: The word has 8 letters in it.

It is a violent part of nature and occurs throughout the world and even in New Zealand.

The 4th letter is ‘p’

Clue 2: It is usually spectacular, damaging and dangerous if you are near one when it happens.

The 2nd letter is ‘r’

Clue 3: Airlines often have to avoid sending aeroplanes flying near one of these when they occur.

The 3rd letter is ‘u’

Clue 4: White Island is a place in New Zealand where one of these often occurs.

The 5th letter is ‘t’

Clue 5: Massive amounts of ash and lava can come from one of these.

The word erupt can be found in the word.

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