The Landscape Extension Group

By Paul Cook | Posted: Wednesday July 26, 2017

The Landscape Extension Group has been working on a wide range of tasks to enhance Mrs Dick-McCanns newly extended organic vegetable gardens.

We started by strengthening the original ‘green greenhouse’. This involved attaching custom made aluminium brackets, to hold the polycarbonate panels in place, and a padlock hasp to secure it at night. Later we made a sturdy wooden work table be used inside the green house.

The raised garden beds also needed to be extended. Enlarging the growing beds by about a third more. We cut the macrocarpa up-stands and corner pegs to suit the unusually shaped gardens and installed the woodwork. But only after clearing out (with the help of Mrs Dick-McMann’s organic garden group) 3 cubic metres of concrete rubble and throwing it in the skip.

Next was making about 20 large blank labels from multi-coloured acrylic plastic and screwing them onto stakes. This will allow the gardeners to name the many types of vegetables being grown (and we think look great by themselves).

We are currently developing proposals for a new tunnel house (more information later) and making numbers and labels for the wonderful orchard established late last year. 

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