By Deb Ogilvie | Posted: Wednesday July 26, 2017

The purpose of the Science Badge programme is to extend and enrich students in science at Level 3 and 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum. Students have the opportunity to study a specific science topic of their choice, in depth. By completing a range of graded activities and exercises, students receive an attractive badge and certificate

Students will be encouraged to complete challenges at home, but will also have the opportunity to work in the science lab on a Monday or Wednesday interval with me (Mrs Ogilvie). This can also be part of their Casebrook Challenge.

Both the students and myself will assess the completed work on a Monday or Wednesday interval each week. This programme is not a competition. The cost is $6.00 per Science Badge. Please forward this amount along with the permission slip below to the payments box no later than Friday 4 August, Term 3. This date means that we can get the required task sheets ordered promptly so students can have the term to complete their badge.