Tama t, tama ora

By Trez and Zion | Posted: Wednesday August 23, 2017

By Trez and Zion. Room 10

Tama tu tama ora is a program that Mr McBride runs.  He helps kids that have trouble with writing and reading and makes it more fun for us.

So far for writing we have done two sport reports, we also learned how to change a car tyre then we had to write the instructions and we got to create a superhero on heromachine 3 and we had to describe them by using onomatopoeia and similes.

We are putting something up on trademe next.

On to sports it was our first time playing sports, our first game was league it was tama tahi verse tama rua. My friends dared Trez to dive into a big puddle so Trez did he got soaking wet. So he had to play the game soaking wet but he said "it was fun".

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