By Katie, Nina and Georgia | Posted: Wednesday August 23, 2017

Katie, Nina and Georgia. Room 10

Production is a time and place to celebrate your talents and a place to show of what the school can offer and all the opportunities to show the community. 

Casebrook productions are very big and we are thankful to all the helpers and the students who take it seriously and work hard. We hope that every one of you work hard and give it your all! Its loads of fun and you would enjoy it, every class is doing a little dance and it will definitely entertain you. This years production is about time travel. Everyone is really excited for the production but there is also a lot of nerves and butterflies going around.

We hope that our production is going to go well and a lot of people show up as our school has put a lot of time into it and it would be a shame if not many people showed up :( but we believe that Casebrook can get their whānau/family to come and it will be a BLAST for everyone. The production will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the last week of school we hope you enjoy it.

Katie, Nina and Georgia 

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