Exclusive Production Interview with Mrs Ogilvie

By Rachael Cooper, Marisa Christensen, Chloe Devonshi | Posted: Tuesday September 19, 2017

Casebrook Intermediate is staging a whole school production “Aotearoa Bandstand”. We interviewed Mrs Ogilvie who is the writer and producer of the show.

Mrs Ogilvie told us some exclusive information about the production we thought you might like to know. Here is our interview with Mrs Ogilvie.

Qn 1: How is the production going? Do you think it's going well?

Ans 1: I think so - everyone's learnt their lines and they all follow instructions well, so yes, I think it's going well.

Qn 2: How do you think the leads are finding the parts?

Ans 2: They have been very good when learning their parts, taken advice well and really listened to my feedback and done what they have been asked to do.

Qn 3: Can you tell us anything about production?

Ans 3: We have quite a big cast, plus a really cool prop Mr Cook has made that is top secret.

Qn 4: What inspired you to write the production?

Ans 4: Firstly I chose to do a timeline of music from when the school first opened to now and sort of went off that.

Qn 5: Can you say anything about what the production is about?

Ans 5: It is about 4 friends that are going to a recording studio for Aotearoa Bandstand and Ed Sheeran is performing live. They damage the camera but little did they know it was a time machine of some sort...

Qn6: How long roughly do you think it took you to write the production?

Ans 6: It took me ages to write it. I had to splice music and that took a whole day which is a new skill! Then I kept on changing things I didn't like, I could keep changing things forever!

Qn 7: How did you pick the music for production?

Ans 7: What I did was researched what song was number one in different times.

Qn 8: Did you rethink anything in the production and if so, what?

Ans 8: I had some students ask me to do solos or duets, so I had to try entwine them into the production.

Qn 9: Has there been any roadblocks involved in the production?

Ans 9: Yes, people being sick, AIMS games and waterpolo and this meant that sometimes we were losing momentum in what we were doing.

Qn 10: Has it been hard picking the costumes for the class dances?

Ans 10: Miss Cooper has been awesome in helping me do the costumes. As I could not have done it without her!

And that concludes our exclusive production interview with Mrs Ogilvie.

By Marisa Christensen, Chloe Devonshire and Lara Donaldson-Scott

Room 8 Roving Reporters