Meet the Casebrook Kapa Haka Leadership Team 2015

By Christine Gillard | Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2015

We asked our Kapa Haka leaders what they loved about Casebrook, what they were looking forward to in 2015, and what they liked to do in their spare time.

Mariah Mohi - “I love all the opportunities I’ve had during my time at Casebrook so far. I really enjoyed the field trips, sports competitions and mufti days and look forward to more of these this year! I like to draw, watch movies and practice my dancing for Zion dance group.

Aidan Batt - “I love all the opportunities the school throws at you, they are endless! I’m looking forward to teaching the new Kapa Haka students the songs and hakas and setting them up for next year. I enjoy doing loads of things in my spare time such as drawing, reading, swimming rugby, singing, guitar, computers and carving.”

Tahjae Tupara - “There’s so many opportunities like Kapa Haka, Dance, Pasifika, Edible Gardens etc. and I love that here. I’m most looking forward to playing league and performing in the cultural festival this year.”

Shadaye Heitia-Brett - “I like that Casebrook has many opportunities and heaps of groups to join and get involved in. I’m really looking forward to cultural festival this year and enjoy the singing side of Kapa Haka heaps”.