Alyssa Harnett's Super Challenge

By Emily Roberts-Mordue | Posted: Wednesday December 13, 2017

A cool and creative idea for a Super Challenge in term four...

This term Alyssa Harnett from Room 6 decided to do a Super challenge as part of the Casebrook Challenge homework programme. 

Her idea was to build her own horse jump because she is very passionate about horses. 

Firstly, she had to source the wood and then cut the wood to the right shape and size. 

Afterward, she glued and drilled the bits of wood together. Once it was together she started painting the jump like a red brick wall. 

Next, when the paint was dry she drilled the jump cups to the jump. Once everything was secure she tested the jump and it was perfect. 

This a top effort by Alyssa that required a lot of persistence and skill! 

Josiane Hill &Trelise Johns-Mills 

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