Christchurch Schools' Music Festival: Representative Groups

By Deb Ogilvie | Posted: Tuesday March 20, 2018

If your child is a confident singer or has learnt a musical instrument and they would like to audition for a representative group in the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival, such as the Senior Choir, Concert Band or Orchestra, please read on.

Before signing your child up for an audition, please ensure you read all of the information available here.

Please note that these groups are separate from the Christchurch Schools' Music Festival Massed Choir that Casebrook is already a part of (no external auditions are required for Massed Choir members).

As a Parent/Caregiver you will be responsible for all aspects of your child auditioning and joining a representative group, including the permission required for this.

Applications for auditions close on Thursday 13 April.