Educational Positioning System Survey Results

By Sharon Keen | Posted: Tuesday October 13, 2015

The above words are those used most frequently to describe Casebrook.

This survey was completed by members of our community, staff and students late in Term 3 2015. The purpose is to look at current structures and systems in the school, assess their effectiveness and to see how well they are understood by the different groups. The information gathered can be used to direct future developments.

Samples of general comments from community members.

  • Great school- approachable teachers
  • Excellence - kids are proud to be going to Casebrook, well behaved children
  • Opportunities, great learning environment, REP values
  • Caring, Fun, Creative
  • Progressive, consulting, reliable
  • Amazing, student focused, dynamic
  • Safe, nurturing
  • Gives independence, encourages creativity, rewards hard work

Samples of the general comments from students

  • Awesome school, fun, nice students and teachers
  • Lots of opportunities, great school expectations and heaps of space to play
  • Learning, awesome school of opportunities
  • Fun, kind and a good place to feel safe
  • Everyone is welcome- it is just awesome

I have chosen to share just a few comments and obviously they are very positive.  You are welcome to come and view the full list of responses. They are very affirming.

Things that stood out as strengths:

  • Staff relationships positive and mutually supportive
  • Values across the school have a positive impact on behaviour
  • Staff are very accessible
  • Safe, friendly environment for staff and students
  • An inclusive environment that respects individuals
  • Organised with systems
  • Professional learning is ensuring currency of teaching and learning practise

Areas for development:

  • All classes to have a newsletter at the beginning and end of term
  • ePortfolio as a way of sharing current student learning 
  • Community Hui to discuss Casebrook vision and future direction
  • Establish a system that allows for the personal purchase of chrome-books - this would be voluntary.
  • Continue and further develop Technology integration across the curriculum
  • Review Casebrook Challenge

The above is a very brief summary of a large amount of data.  Please feel free to discuss with me at any time.

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