Casebrook Student Leaders 2018

By Nick Leith | Posted: Wednesday April 4, 2018

We are proud to unveil the student class leaders for 2018. These students have been selected by their peers and their teachers to act as a voice for our student body.

Congratulations to these students who will play an important role in making student life at Casebrook as awesome as possible.

Weekly class meetings are fed back to the council where ideas are discussed and acted upon and communicated to the wider school community. Our student council meets on a Tuesday morning to discuss the 'big' issues.

An exciting opportunity for our talented group of young leaders who will work alongside our house leaders this year.

Casebrook Student Leaders 2018:

Room 1: Chloe Morrison-Clark

Room 2: Arman Masoomi

Room 3: Charlotte O’Leary De Malmanche

Room 4: Cohen Gent

Room 5: Zahra Asghari

Room 6: Fletcher Leigh

Room 7: Chloe Johnson

Room 8: Emma Beswick

Room 9: Drelyn Matthias

Room 10: Mackenzie Mason

Room 11: Lily McNicholl

Room 12: Ailsa Bianco

Room 13: Ethan Hamilton

Room 14: Willow Kite

School Council Secretary: Amber Davis - Rm 10

Sports Committee Chairs: Mikayla Donaldson, Jack Reeves- Rm 13

Promotions Committee Chairs: Ruby Hart - Rm 9, Maia Jeffs - Rm 13

Culture Committee Chairs: Leo Ormsby - Rm 13, Ethan Fairley - Rm 14

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