Music Theory Club/Casebrook Performance Group:

By Christine Gillard | Posted: Sunday May 13, 2018

Music Theory Club: Mondays at 1.15 in Studio One. This class begins Monday 21st May for students who are learning a note reading instrument, it helps with learning to read musical notes, understanding rhythms, time signatures, key signatures, musical terms, genre and composers.

Students can be prepared up to NCEA level 1 by working hard in this class before they start High School. Students require a clearfile, pencil case, an eagerness to learn and a smile!, all other material is provided. 

Casebrook Performance Group: 

Wednesdays at 12.30 in Studio One. This group begins Wednesday 23rd May for students who are confident with note reading in their instrument, students don't have to worry if they find this challenging as I can re arrange the music and give extra help when required. The group will extend a students playing in note reading, rhythms and musical terms and give confidences, friendship and fun!! 

Janet Simon 

Casebrook Intermediate Teacher of Flute Music Theory and conductor  

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