Casebrook Intermediate are very excited to be fundraising with Entertainment™ for another year! Pre-order your NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships from us and 20% of the proceeds contribute towards our school fundraising! For more information on ordering please contact the school office. Your support is much appreciated.
Here is the link for purchasing an entertainment book: CLICK HERE


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A school of opportunity

Here at Casebrook we believe that emerging adolescents are a unique age group and we are committed to meeting their needs.

The pace of technological development means that the future is something we can't begin to envisage. As such, it's our job to ensure we provide our students with knowledge and skills. These skills allow them to think creatively and to teach them problem-solving techniques to confidently and effectively meet future challenges.

Our learning environment is supported by a strong focus on values. Through these values we develop within each student a strong sense of self-worth and recognise their importance as a member of our Casebrook community.