PTA Raffle results:

Congratulations to the following people who have won a prize in the PTA Christmas Raffle.  Thank you for your continued support.

1st Lily Buxton
2nd Helen Colvin
3rd Shane Harkess
4th Oliver Wisker
5th Santana Hanger
6th Stirling L
7th Aberhart
8th Jo Hannah
9th Brooklyn McDonald
10th Joseph de Leijer
11th Nicky Simpson
12th Keegan Piper
13th Daniel McPherson
14th Rebecca Phillips
15th Paula Mc
16th Pam Ryan
17th Ethan Fairley
18th Frances
19th Heather Hannah
20th Tracy G


School Hats

These are now available at the office for $15.00. 


School Policies

We invite you to visit the site at username is casebrook and password veitches.


Term Dates 2019

Term 4:   14 October - 18 December


Term Dates 2020

Term 1

Wednesday 5th February: Only Year 7 students commence 9.00 am – 2.00pm  

Friday 7th February:       Full School commences 8.40am 

Monday 10th February:   Powhiri – 8:40am

Thursday 9th April: End of Term 1

Term 2

Tuesday 28th April - Friday 3rd July

Term 3

Monday 20 July - Friday 25 September

Term 4

Monday 12 October - Friday 18 December


Watch this video to see what Casebrook is all about: CLICK HERE!

A school of opportunity

Here at Casebrook we believe that emerging adolescents are a unique age group and we are committed to meeting their needs.

The pace of technological development means that the future is something we can't begin to envisage. As such, it's our job to ensure we provide our students with knowledge and skills. These skills allow them to think creatively and to teach them problem-solving techniques to confidently and effectively meet future challenges.

Our learning environment is supported by a strong focus on values. Through these values we develop within each student a strong sense of self-worth and recognise their importance as a member of our Casebrook community.