Stockists of School Uniform

Mainland Uniforms
511 Wairakei Road
Phone Number: (03) 360-3037
Fax Number: (03) 360-3038

Second Hand Uniforms

For details of second-hand uniform items please feel free to contact our PTA representative by email at unican@casebrook.school.nz

Term 1 & 4

Sun Hat: These can now be purchased from the school office.

Compulsory P.E Uniform

Physical Education Top, Black Shorts and Sports Shoes.


  • Jersey: V-neck maroon – (compulsory). Prices vary with sizes.
  • Skirt: Ink: Inverted front pleats.
  • Blouse: White: Monogrammed (poly-viscose) short sleeve/side vents (compulsory).
  • Knee Shorts: Ink: Regulation with cuff.
  • Socks: White knee-high/White over the ankle (summer) (no anklets).
  • Black tights/Black knee high socks (winter).
  • Shoes: Black leather lace up or Black leather buckle shoes – (compulsory).
  • Polar Fleece: School Regulation (optional additional to jersey).
  • The Casebrook School Jacket.  


  • Jersey: V-neck maroon – (compulsory) (Prices vary with sizes).
  • Shorts: Ink - (compulsory).
  • Polo: Grey: Stripe collar.
  • Socks: Charcoal: maroon stripes.
  • Shoes: Black leather lace-up (compulsory).
  • Polar Fleece: School Regulation (optional, additional to jersey).
  • The Casebrook School Jacket.   
  • Boys

Correct uniform (not PE uniform) must be worn at school. Students must change into P.E gear for sport and P.E lessons. Students may change into sports shoes at the beginning of interval and lunchtime. They must change back into their correct uniform for classes. Green cards are given to students who have a genuine reason for wearing incomplete uniform.

No jewellery is permitted except for plain stud earrings in each ear. Watches are most certainly appropriate. Only clear nail polish can be worn. All shoulder length hair must be tied up.  All hair must be of natural colour.