Performing Arts

The Performing Arts programme offers students an exciting opportunity to join a wide variety of extension and interest groups that focus on music, dance, creativity, culture and performance.

Whole School Production

We offer a number of performing art disciplines that students can be a part of at Casebrook Intermediate School.
We have itinerant tutors who give specialist tuition in a variety of instruments - flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, violin, cello, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the drums, are just a few! Students do not need to have had prior experience on an instrument in order to take up this opportunity.
From these lessons students may go on to perform in other musical groups such as chamber groups or rock bands. 
There are a number of dance groups on offer too, ranging from all-comers and jazz through to hip hop and Korean dance.
We also have an all-comers choir.  Students have the opportunity to audition for the school chorale as well.
Once a year, a whole school production is run where drama and dance skills are showcased.  Every student in the school has the opportunity to be involved in this really fun performance.