Emergency Management at Casebrook


Our proactive communications will include:

  • A beginning of year information pack / newsletter sent to all parents and caregivers
  • Updating and sending our ‘Emergency Management Information for parents and caregivers’ out each term, including a reminder to update their emergency contact information (who is approved to uplift their child) and


Our emergency response communications plan for parents, caregivers and others includes:

  • Parents and caregiver will be advised in the event of an emergency by the use of the school app and via email.
  • The staff will monitor and record when pupils are picked up by parent/caregivers. The school will require confirmation from a parent/caregiver if a non-designated person is collecting a child.
  • If all communications methods cannot be used due to an emergency, children and staff will remain at Casebrook Intermediate as long as it is safe to do so. If there is a need to vacate the area, a notice will be placed on the office door stating where we have vacated to.

Casebrook Intermediate will try to ensure communication with parents is timely as possible, after addressing immediate student safety. Updates will sent out every 30 minutes.