Board of Trustees

The Boards of Trustees and Principal work in a unique partnership.

The major roles of a B.O.T.

  • The overall governance of the school. In its governance role, the B.O.T. is primarily responsible through the charter to provide strategic direction and planning goals.
  • Reviewing and monitoring progress towards the strategic plan.
  • Establish after due consultation with the Principal, staff and school community, school policies.
  • To support the Principal in their management role, by providing support in administration, personnel and finance matters to allow the Principal to manage effectively.
  • To select the Principal and approve the appointment of all staff.

Board of Trustee members are elected for a term of 3 years - all parents and caregivers are entitled to vote in the election and stand for office.

Current Board Members

  • Rhys Williams - Chairperson
  • Sharon Keen - Principal
  • Will Stribling - Staff Representative
  • Rachel Maule
  • Belinda Smith
  • James McShane
  • Helen RutterĀ 
  • Christine Gillard - Board Secretary