Our Casebrook School Logo

Casebrook Intermediate is a school that caters for the needs of the 21st century emerging adolescent in the northwest of Christchurch. The school has a wide ranging curriculum that is taught in a fast paced progressive learning environment. Learning is diverse, interactive and dynamic.

The school is situated on what was originally an orchard. Prior to this it was part of a pathway that early Māori used on their travels from Kaiapoi to Papanui.

Casebrook Intermediate has three core values that underpin learning. These are Whakaute (Respect), Panakiretanga (Excellence) and Hiringa (Perseverance). Students aspire to be a Casebrook ‘REP’. Their vision is ‘To offer integrated experiences that broaden and enrich the learning of our emerging adolescents.’ This is summed up in the their motto ‘A School of Opportunity’.

The new logo design is based on the beautiful and distinctive tail feather of the huia bird. Te Kura Mareko means ‘the precious feather of the huia’. Students at Casebrook are precious. And just as the huia feather was worn by Māori leaders, it is used here signify Casebrook Intermediate’s leadership in quality education for the emerging adolescent. 

Te Kura Mareko approved and gifted by: Lynne Te Aika on behalf of Ngāi Tūāhuriri on 31.03.2021

The symbol is split into two sides to represent the Year 7 and 8 year students at the school. The shape of the huia feather emphasises the emerging nature of these students as they enter their teenage years. There are three large koru along with the three smaller koru representing the three core values that support students along the way. The two koru at each junction symbolise the support given to students by staff and whanau as they grow in their learning. The three sets of koru also represent the support that Casebrook Intermediate offers in relation to the physical, emotional and academic needs of the emerging adolescent (their mission).

The overall design represents the school’s culturally inclusive environment that caters for a diverse community in the northwest of Christchurch.

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