Gifted and Talented

Casebrook’s Gifted and Talented Vision

At Casebrook we have ongoing provision for students with special abilities and interests to enable them to reach their full potential.
We like to:

  • Ensure identification is early, accurate and wide ranging.
  • Give direction in terms of identifying, monitoring, teaching methods, resources, programming and evaluation.
  • Provide programmes aimed at students reaching their potential in an environment where individual differences are valued.

“The essence of giftedness is advanced development. Gifted students have the potential to perform at levels significantly beyond what we
expect for their age.” (Gerric Module One).

  • Gifted and talented students have special needs and characteristics, which require differentiated learning programmes and opportunities beyond that normally provided in the regular classroom.
  • Gifted and talented students come from all backgrounds and cultural groups.
  • A child can be gifted, possessing unusually high potential, without being talented, displaying unusually high performance. (Gagne)
  • Motivation, while not a necessary ingredient of giftedness, is certainly essential if the child is to develop as talented. (Gagne)
  • Students may be gifted in a single subject area.

Recognising Characteristics of Gifted Learners

Gagne's Model of Giftedness

Programmes at Casebrook