Learning Support

Curriculum Support

Our programmes support and extend students to meet their individual learning requirements.

Programmes are delivered by:

  • Specialist teacher
  • Teacher aides
  • Resource teachers of learning and behaviour. (RTLB)
  • Social worker, Mana Ake and the school health nurse to support students and families

Programmes Include:

  • ESOL: focused group support for speakers of other languages
  • Literacy: Small groups focused on phonics and reading comprehension
  • STEPS- vocabulary and spelling programme
  • Mathematics: computer based maths buddy programme and Numicon
  • SPEC- an alternative programme for students to access Inquiry Learning

Student Support

Mr Mark Russell, our Learning Support Coordinator (LSC), is responsible for Student Support and Well-Being. This is a specialised role Casebrook has developed as we recognise the importance of the physical and social developmental needs of our students. Mark is available to support both students and parents, this ensuring students can make the most of the opportunities that are on offer.

The following Mentoring/Leadership Groups run throughout the year.

Te Pihi Ora, Mana Wahine (Girls) and Tama Tu (Boys) – These three programmes have been designed to encourage our students to form healthy relationships, to grow in their identity and to develop their leadership potential including developing social skills.

OriOri Tinana – This is a boxing-fitness programme that promotes active participation whilst developing the confidence and positive leadership skills that pre-adolescent students require as they move towards high school. This programme highlights the importance of discipline and self-esteem.

Voice to Voice - This programme has been designed to support students from Year 7-8 with a focus on the key competencies of ‘managing self’ and ‘relating to others’, as well as focusing on resilience and other life skills. The aim is to teach and support students from all backgrounds by having peer discussion groups.

Girls Self Defence - A trained professional comes into the school to work with some girls who are low in self esteem and confidence.

Youth workers - Casebrook is lucky enough to have Youth Workers who are available during some break times. 

Pastoral Care Committee (C.W.S.T/ RTLB Liaison/ Mana Ake Liaison/ Public Health Nurse) - Meet on a regular basis to monitor and support the well-being of all students.