Year 7 Turbo Touch

By Mia Polamalu (Room 13) | Posted: Wednesday June 19, 2019

All Year 7 classes have been participating in Turbo Touch on Fridays with Matt from Touch Canterbury.

The difference between Turbo Touch and regular Touch is that in Turbo Touch you are allowed to pass forward.

Classes have been practicing passing skills and learning different ways to pass such as chest pass, side pass and under the legs. There were a few warm up games that lots of Year 7‘s loved--Monsters and Monkeys, All in tag, and a passing competition. For the passing competition all classes were in pairs with their buddies and on the word “GO” each pair had to pass 10 times before they sit each class was timed and the fastest time was Room 9 with a 10 second time. WOW! The Year 7’s have also been practicing spreading out on the field.

The most liked part of Turbo Touch is learning new skills, having fun and warm up games. These skills that have been learnt have been used in different sports such as Rugby, Football, Netball, Water Polo and of course Touch. Overall, lots of Year 7’s have loved Turbo Touch.

Written by Mia Polamalu (Room 13)

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