Casebrook's Open Night

By Lily, Paige, Ava | Posted: Wednesday August 7, 2019

By Lily Paige and Ava

Thank you to all the students and staff that helped with Open Night. We had lots of games including orienteering and lots of challenges.

The open night was a very busy and successful evening, even though it was a freezing night! A lot of year 6 students came from a number of different schools. Both students and parents enjoyed the evening and seeing what Casebrook Intermediate has to offer.

As they came round to the classrooms the children began to grow a smile on their faces. All year 6 students were having so much fun walking around the classrooms and having a look around Casebrook Intermediate.

The open night this year was a big success and we hope to have one like that next year. We started with a big bang, as the Kapa Haka group kicked off the night and was followed by the flybys.

Thanks to all the students and staff that helped with open night. We hope you had the best time ever!