Production Preparations!

By Meladi, Anne and Brooke | Posted: Wednesday August 7, 2019

By Meladi, Anne and Brooke

The school production is something that Casebrook does every year and with joy.

Mrs Feron from Room 15 is running the production with the help of Casebrook students and staff. This will take place in Week 10 in the hall.  Every dance routine is choreographed by dance tutor Angela Hegarty.

Angela has said “I know dance isn’t for everyone so I just bring a positive vibe with all my dance classes”.
It is easy for her to make up dance routines for each class as each song has a unique beat providing dance moves to go with them.  Angela loves to dance & enjoys creating dance with students.

Mrs Feron has said that “There is a lot of work that goes into every production such as script writing, organising, cropping the songs, auditions etc.  All of the students have a lot of talent when it comes to these kinds of opportunities.”

Ashlee and Lewis have said that "it’s fun to do, my class enjoys the dances during production". They feel like kids could have more say in their song and dance practice but other than that they think it’s so much fun!

We look forward to seeing the production come together over the next few weeks.