Mt Cook Camp 2019

By Mae, Jess & Alex | Posted: Sunday October 27, 2019

On the 15th of October, 36 students, two teachers and seven adults departed for their camp at Mt. Cook. They left school at 8:15 am in vans and they were on an adventure to see the biggest mountain in New Zealand.

The drive would have been at least 4 - 4 and a half hours there and back. They stopped at Lake Tekapo to have lunch and went on an hour and a half walk up a hill near Lake Tekapo. The camp was at least three kilometres away from Mt.Cook. It had two kitchens, one indoor and one outdoor. There were three showers and behind the camp was a little forest.

We wanted to know more about the camp so we interviewed one of the students who attended: Mae

Q. What was your favourite activity?

A. Glacier Boating! The group enjoyed it very much, especially eating ice.

Q. Did you like the camp?

A. Yes, I personally enjoyed it very much, except for the massive walks we did every day.

Q. What was it like sleeping there?

A. It was alright, although it can be a little loud because all the girls wouldn’t be quiet.