By Jacinta Clark | Posted: Thursday November 21, 2019

Last week, some students were selected to take part in the SpecTechular event. This event took place in the Casebrook School Hall.

It showed people what Casebrook students do during their technology and specialist time. It was held from 15:30 to 20:00. Sadly, a huge storm hit Christchurch for a couple of hours, right in the middle of the showcase. Because of that school ended five minutes early because there were reports of golf ball sized hailstones.

There were science displays about acidity, digital displays including ozobots, beebots, Minecraft education edition with Unity and EV3’s, delicious food, and amazing art. There were even wonderful creations made in the hard materials room. A few students helped out by playing music in the background.

We interviewed William Terry from Digi Technologies.

  • What part of DigiTech do you like the most?

The part of digi tech in Casebrook Intermediate that I like the most is Code Avengers

  • What would you tell a new student about digi to make them want to do it?

There’s Minecraft…

  • Do you think SpecTechular helped show prospective students about Spec and Tech?

Totally it’s a great way to show students the classrooms in the most realistic way we can

Now here’s Katie Ward on Hard Materials.

  • What part of Hard Materials do you like the most?

What I really enjoy the most is the laser cutter.

  • What did you do on the night of SpecTechular?

Me and a few other students worked on the vinyl cutter, we cut stickers for people that said their name.

There were three different shifts that the students could choose from: 15:30-17:45,17:45-20:00 or 15:30-20:00.

The event was a great success due to the contribution of many students and teachers and most importantly, we could not have it without the primary school pupils.

A huge thank you to all of the Technology and Specialist teachers - Miss Aitken, Miss Zant, Mrs Dick-McCann, Mr Cook and Mrs Johns.

By Alex W and William (Room 13)

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