Casebrook Movie Scene Competition

By Nick Leith | Posted: Wednesday May 6, 2020

Following the success of Casebrooks Got Lockdown Talent comes the next challenge for kids of Casebrook and their whnau...

This was shared with students on Monday 4th May...

Introducing The Casebrook Movie Scene Re-creation Challenge

Watch the promo here - CLICK ME!

1) Find a film you like

2) Recreate the scene at home in your bubble (or edit together a scene done online in different bubbles)

3) This could be done via acting, stop-motion animation etc

4) Make it around a minute (or less)

5) email it to me!

6) Monday 11th May is your deadline (that's one week from now)

7) Tune in Wednesday 12th May for the big showcase of all the movies recreated

8) There are prizes!

9) Each entry counts as a T2 Casebrook Challenge 

10) Good luck!

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