Room 15's Lockdown Report

By Sam Broad | Posted: Tuesday May 5, 2020

Room 15 has been showing great perseverance during these interesting times, they are developing great working habits and have all shown that they can self manage to ensure that they are completing all of their work to a high standard.

Room 15 has been working hard and showing all of the Casebrook REP values during these difficult times. A big win has been how well all of the students have taken to distance learning, everyone has had to learn a lot of new skills from uploading work to Google Drive to sign up to and completing work on a variety of different online tools. 

The level of communication from both students and parents has been great to see. Everyone is helping each other through the Google Hangout and during our video calls each week. The weekly phone calls has been a highlight for me as it is nice to get to know the parents and whanau of Room 15, as well as talk to people outside of my own bubble!

Film Study

Last week Room 15 completed a film study on Whale Rider. This has been a huge success. This film study was a lot of work and required everyone to self manage their time and the quality of their writing. It has been great to talk with parents and hear that the whole families have been sitting down to watch the film together. 

Wider Curriculum Board

A highlight for all students has been the tasks on the wider curriculum board. There has been plenty of baking, making and creating of art that has been keeping everyone busy.

Thank you to all the parents and whanau of all students for your efforts in assisting with the workload. The work that you are putting in to help with the learning is invaluable and will help so much when we do return to school. 

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