Te Puna Waro roundup.

By Catherina Hengst | Posted: Wednesday June 24, 2020

Tons of books arrived from the National Library this week to supplement our collection, as well as new books purchased. Loads of books on Systems (the current inquiry topic), some very cool Graphic Novels and some Sophisticated Picture Books to make us go "hmmmm?"

Our latest student led workshop involved lots of little bricks and nimble fingers - LEGO!!!! The students that attended have started making a REP sign from Lego to display in Te Puna Waro, there is a sneak peek in the photos below. Thanks to Ava Langsford of Room 15 for taking the workshop.

There is also a display of the winning Samoan t-shirt designs on the wall, we are lucky to have so many talented students here at Casebrook.

Remember, if your child is looking for an eBook from our collection during the holidays they can be accessed here, or looking for interesting book related items they can check out the Casebrook Library Page.

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