Room 8 student teacher

By Elizabeth Kennedy | Posted: Tuesday June 16, 2020

On Monday 15th of June we interviewed Miss Weller, a Student Teacher in Room 8. She has come all the way from Canada to teach at Casebrook.

Here is a little bit about Miss Weller.

Q. Why did you want to be a teacher?

A. So I could influence students like my teacher did.

Q. Do you like being at Casebrook?

A. I love it here because everyone is so welcoming and the structure. All the resources are good as well.

Q. Do you like living here in New Zealand?

I love it here. I like travelling, I love weather and hiking and I love the friendly people and also love the job opportunities.

Q. How is New Zealand different from Canada?

A. It's pretty different. The weather is different as well as the schools and the landscape is really pretty.

Q. How long have you been in New Zealand?

A. 6 months.

Q. Where in Canada do you live?

A. I am from Toronto. 

By Georgia, Storm, Sienna and Paige.

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