CantaMath Competition!

By Alizae Ziegler | Posted: Thursday September 10, 2020

Last week, we held our school wide CantaMath competition.

On Thursday 10th of September, each Year 7 and 8 class entered a team to compete in the School CantaMath competition. Year 7 went first and got through some really tough questions, the Year 8 teams battled it out and the results were really close.

We had eight classes and eight judging desks with their class numbers on them. There were 20 questions that we had to get right and if they were too hard we could pass the question and go onto the next one. The team that got the most questions right would win. 

Results are as follows:

Year 7

1st Place: Room 16

2nd =: Room 8 and Room 9

3rd Place: Room 3

Year 8

1st Place: Room 13

2nd Place: Room 1

3rd Place: Room 5

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