Casebrook's Got Talent Round 1!

By Gregory Munsey and Ayden McCann | Posted: Thursday September 10, 2020

Last week there was a talent show with some amazing performances. Lots of dances, singing or playing an instrument. We interviewed Sophia Hastie and Nova Gainsford to hear about their performance.

The stage was set for our annual Casebrook's Got Talent! Everyone looked like they were having fun and were paying attention to the stage. It was so packed that there were no more seats for people who had to stand at the door.

We interviewed Sophia Hastie (Room 2) who performed a gymnastics routine on Casebrook Talent show.

Where you nervous on stage?

Yes I was with many eyes watching me.

Were you enjoying yourself?

Yes I was enjoying myself. I did my performance the best I could.

How long did it take for you to learn your performance by heart?

In about a week I learned my whole performance but I've been doing gymnastics for many years and compete regularly outside of school.

What were you thinking when you came on stage?

Hoping everyone would enjoy my performance.

What made you sign up to the talent show?

I signed up last year and I really enjoyed it and so I did it again.

We interviewed Nova Gainsford (Room 7) who performed a dance.

Were you nervous on stage?

I was not really that nervous, I just went on with my dance.

Were you enjoying yourself?

I really enjoyed myself. I had a lot of fun.

How long did it take you to learn your performance of by heart?

It took me about five days to a week to learn my whole dance.

What were you thinking when you came on stage?

Thinking about my next moves that I had to do.

What made you sign up to the Casebrook Talent show?

I really like to dance and so I signed up.

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