Casebrooks Inspiring Student Teachers

By Kaitlyn Banks & Maddison Dunn, Room 16 | Posted: Tuesday November 10, 2020

This week we farewell two student teachers who have been with us for five weeks.

Mr Abbott (Shea Abbott) has come to Casebrook Intermediate this year to learn the basics of teaching. He is a student teacher in Miss Bull’s classroom, Room 7 and this is his fifth and final week of teaching here at Casebrook.

We asked Mr Abbott some questions about his time here at Casebrook and he seemed as though he’s been loving it.

Later in our interview he quoted, ‘Be the change you wish to see.’ Showing just how much teachers influence our lives.

Mr Abbott has said that since he’s been away from school and seen parts of the world that may not be as fortunate as us that he wants to make a difference and connect with other students. He also commented saying that he loves to relate to other kids as he hasn’t been an adult for long and can still remember what it was like to be in school learning.

Mr Abbott’s love for teaching will continue on to Year 5 and 6’s during his time in Teachers College and he hopes to continue this career for many years to come.

Recently we have had an amazing student teacher join Room 11. Her name is Ms Anderson (Rachel Anderson). Ms Anderson has made a fabulous entrance into Room 11.

In our interview, we asked Ms Anderson a few questions about her time at Casebrook so far. Ms Anderson said, “It’s a good school, the kids are great, the teachers are great, and the environment is nice.”

Ms Anderson explained how her strengths as a teacher are relating to kids, and being able to build trusting relationships.

Ms Anderson has always wanted to work with children and have a positive impact on their lives. She also commented that she wants to be a teacher for the rest of her life.

Ms Anderson wants to travel the world to teach, and expand the learning for some of the students in poorer countries.

Overall, Ms Anderson has left a lovely mark on Casebrook. Along with all the other student teachers.

Written by Kaitlyn Banks & Maddison Dunn, Room 16