Empowering Girls Conference

By Shona Mckenzie | Posted: Tuesday November 10, 2020

Encouraging you to be all you can!

As part of an exciting new initiative, all of the Casebrook girls are attending an empowering Intermediate Girls’ Course. The course is facilitated by the team at the Papanui Youth Development Trust, run over two school days. 

Room 1, 2, 11 and 12 girls have spent the past two days participating in activities and engaging in discussions giving them the tools they need to live a confident and healthy life.

The girls covered various topics focusing on; self-worth, self-talk, beauty and media myths, tackling social media and anxiety, freedom of fear and women that overcame. It was great to see students connecting with each other about topics so relevant to their age group and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Room 1 girls felt that the following quote inspired them to overcome the fear of failure; ‘you miss 100% of the shots you do not take”.

We look forward to the rest of our girls engaging in this great opportunity! 

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