Summer Surfing at Sumner.

By Bev Bell | Posted: Monday February 22, 2021

On the 17th of February, Room 8 travelled by bus to Sumner Beach to spend the day learning how to surf. All Year 7 classes get to spend a day at Sumner Beach.

All classes learn how to surf and boogie board. They also have sandcastle building competitions and play beach cricket.

Miss Goble, Room 8’s teacher said, “Room 8 encouraged each other and they were really friendly to their classmates and to the Sumner community.” Some of the students favourite activities/extras were: just hanging out at the beach, surfing and building sand castles for the crabs at the beach.

The students also learnt some water lessons as well. They learnt how to be safe in the water and they also learnt how to get on and off a surfboard and boogie board properly.

Mrs Goble thought that Room 8 worked really well together by communicating with each other. “This trip was very well prepped and was a lot of fun,” she said.

By Sawyer, Will and Yina, Room 16 

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