Rugby League Tournament

By Kaiyah Starkey - Tapoki and Jordan Schultz | Posted: Wednesday March 31, 2021

On Tuesday 30th March, the Rugby League team took the bus to Nga Puna Wai to verse other Intermediate Schools from Canterbury.

At 8 o'clock, the rugby league team drove to Nga Puna Wai for a tournament. The boys goal was to place at least top three.

Here’s how the games went:

Casebrook vs St Bernadettes 5 - 4

Casebrook vs Templeton 5 - 1

Casebrook vs Mairehau 8 - 1

Casebrook vs Te Waka Unua 0 - 6

The final playoff for 3rd was:

Casebrook vs St Thomas 5 - 5

It was a draw, however we got the first try resulting in Casebrook’s victory which took the team to third place.

We interviewed the team captain - Ari Keshariya:

What were your thoughts on the game?

At first I was nervous going into the tournament but as we progressed I got more confident with the team.

What were your feelings about the tournament

I felt great about the team during the game and I was happy about how we were juggernauts for the first 3 games.

How was the team during the game

I was really happy about the team and I thought that they showed REP all throughout the tournament and I really enjoyed being the captain for the team.