Science in the Hall!

By Amelia B & Isabelle W | Posted: Tuesday June 1, 2021

Casebrook students were visited by scientists from Otago University in Week 4 of this term. Amelia and Isabelle from Room 9 share their experience.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 4, scientists visited us from the University of Otago and took us for some cool, hands-on science! They showed us some different ingredients that would make slime. They explained to us what happens when you mix the different ingredients and how they make an impact on the final product.

We made two different recipes for slime; one that ripped easy and the other that you could stretch a bit more. It was really interesting seeing the difference when changing just one ingredient or variable.

We were also lucky enough to make a bowl out of gelatine. This required us to stir it over a stove until it reached a certain temperature. After that, we had to leave it to cool and set for about a week.

Thanks to Mrs Rousse for organising this fun experience for all the students at Casebrook.

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