Students Amazing Achievements Acknowledged

By Sharon Keen | Posted: Tuesday December 6, 2016

Year 7 and 8 students Celebration Assemblies were held yesterday. This is where students are acknowledged for their work around the school and achievements in learning areas. Thank you very much to the parents and family members who were able to join us.

It is incredible to think that this is the last newsletter for 2016.  Casebrook has had a very successful year.  The students have bought into the notion of being a Casebrook REP and that has helped created a very positive, safe culture.  Staff have endorsed this and with everyone working together we have all benefited.

We farewell:

Mrs Ange Johns, Ange and Shane are expecting their second child in the new year.

Miss Kelsey Knipshield is resuming her travels.  Thank you Kelsey you have been a valued staff member.

Miss Charlotte Gardner, Charlotte has leave to travel.  We are sure you will have a fabulous time.

Miss Lydia Muschamp, Lydia is away for two terms and is traveling to Uganda.

All the very best to all.

In 2017 I will introduce you to our new staff members.  We will have an additional Year 7 class, due to roll growth, and are introducing a "Digi Space."

I would like to thank the Board of Trustees for their ongoing support, it is so nice to work with members of our community who have a real interest in the school.  Thank you also to the PTA. They have been a very strong group and their ongoing support has been appreciated at whole school events and their fund raising has allowed us to purchase the new screens and projectors for the hall. 

Please note the information regarding the Hanmer Trip, in the body of the newsletter.  This trip has become an annual tradition, introduced after the earthquakes and really is a day to celebrate all the positives of the year.  School will be open for the few student unable to join us. They need to report to the office for normal school hours.

Prize Giving is tonight in the school hall at 7pm.  I am sorry we can only accommodate Year 7 students and their families, if they are receiving a prize, due to space constrictions.  We expect all Year 8 students to attend.

On Thursday 15 we host the Year 8 formal.  This is our opportunity to farewell the students so we encourage all to attend.

On Friday 16 only Year 7 students come to school and the school day is shortened with us finishing at 12 o'clock.

Have an enjoyable and safe holiday break.  Best wishes to those families who are moving on and to those returning we look forward to another exciting year in 2017.

Sharon Keen


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