Cantamath Competition

By Mikayla Sheppard & Elissa McAnelly | Posted: Tuesday September 14, 2021

On August 16th 2021 the Cantamath competition took place at the Christchurch Arena. The competition was challenging but they did their best! We interviewed Alex Zhou.

Are you proud of yourself?

I’m proud of myself because I worked hard enough to be in the Cantamath Competition.

Did you have a goal? If so, did you accomplish it?

No, I didn't have a goal because I didn’t know there was going to be a Cantamath Competition.

Were you more scared or excited?

I think I was much more excited.

How many contestants were there?

Four team members and I don't really know how many there were in the whole Cantamath competition.

What was your least favourite part about the compeition?

Probably just running around to get slips of paper and it was kinda exhausting.

Did you get a placing?

We haven’t actually been to the actual competition yet. Although, Room 5 came first in the School Cantamath competition.

What Maths class are you in normally?

I’m in room 13 for extension math which is the highest year 7 math class.

What was your biggest highlight about Cantamath?

Just winning I guess. It was a good achievement because I have never won in Cantamath before.

Do you have any regrets?

No, I don’t have any regrets it was all pretty fun and I am happy with what I accomplished.

Did Cantamath help you get better in maths?

I don’t think so. It was just testing how good my maths is.

If you try your best and put your mind to it you can do anything. Maths can be hard but people like this push themselves and look where they made it.