Run Daniel!

By Samantha Kirk | Posted: Wednesday October 27, 2021

Congratulations to Daniel Wordsworth, for getting into the Canterbury cross-country running team because he came 7th in Canterbury School's cross-country race.

Daniel's team were training and then went to Timaru for an international race. There were four different competing teams; from Wellington, Tasman, South Canterbury, and the Canterbury relay team. Daniel's team (Canterbury) came second in the relay race. In the 3km race Daniel came 15th/49. Tu meke! 

We asked Daniel a few questions about his running: 

Was this a difficult achievement? 

Yes, because 10 weeks of hard training was quite difficult. But it was a good experience! 

How did you manage to come 15th/49 and second in the relay race? 

Well I trained a lot.

What was it like at the start? Were you anxious, excited?

I was quite nervous, I've never raced that many people.