Last Lost Property roundup for 2021

By Catherina Hengst | Posted: Tuesday December 7, 2021

If you are missing any items please check this list, and have a look at the photos of the labels, you may recognise something. All remaining lost property will be donated or disposed of next Thursday afternoon.

  • 8 jackets (including Pratley, Isitt, Paterson and Junseo - not current students)
  • 2 jerseys
  • pair black shorts (Champion)
  • Casebrook cap
  • blue hoodie (Champion)
  • black zip up hoodie (Chicago on front)
  • Black puffer (from last term)
  • black t shirt
  • black trackpants
  • black cap (Roxy)
  • dark blue beanie (Clean Heat)
  • pair black gloves
  • 5 lunchboxes
  • 1 lunch bag
  • 4 drink bottles

The following items are being held in the office

  • Harry Potter wallet
  • black woven wallet
  • Fox logo wallet
  • gold watch
  • black watch
  • single key
  • camo watch

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