Casebrook Update - Friday 11th March

By Nick Leith | Posted: Thursday March 10, 2022

On Wednesday, the Government announced that the isolation timeframes will change at 11.59pm on Friday 11th March for anyone at home with Covid or as a close contact in the home.

Kia ora koutou,

Please read the announcement here:

  • Recovered cases will no longer need to self-isolate if they become a household contact within 90 days after having the virus.
  • Household Contacts will need to have a rapid antigen test at day 3 and day 7 of their isolation period. If they become symptomatic they should also get a test, and if the result is positive, they are required to isolate for seven days from that point.
  • If a person is isolating and still has symptoms after 7 days, they are advised to stay home until 24 hours after symptoms resolve.

What this means at for our school community:

If you or someone in your whānau tests positive for Covid 19...

  • If you or your child receive a positive test result, the household must isolate for seven days.
  • Household contacts must test on Day 3 and Day 7.

Returning to school after COVID-19...

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 are not required to self-isolate past seven days, but they shouldn’t return to school if they are still feeling unwell.
  • Some children may have long lasting runny nose and cough after viral infections. If it is over 10 days since the onset of the COVID infection and they are no longer feeling unwell, they are unlikely to be transmitting any active COVID infection and can return to school. However, if they are continuing to feel unwell or their symptoms are worsening after 10 days then GP review is recommended.

What does this mean for any family/whānau in self isolation presently?
As of Monday 14th March any student who has been at home for the previous 7 days may return to school. If you are unsure if this affects your family or not, please contact the school office:

Covid & Casebrook
You will be aware of covid cases in our surrounding community and our school is no different, but at this stage we are doing fine on the staffing front and classroom teachers are continuing to provide work for students in close contact situations and covid positive students who are asking for work.

A reminder, if you know of a family in our community who is struggling, please encourage them to reach out for support for example to access food, medicine, or access financial support via the COVID 19 support hub - Help is available – COVID-19 Health Hub.

We have really appreciated the levels of communication and support from our community. Take care out there. Wishing you all a very pleasant weekend.

Kia pai tō rā whakatā,

Casebrook Leadership Team