Jai Sree - Casebrook tennis star!

By Jeff Case | Posted: Tuesday May 17, 2022

Jai Sree went to an under 12s tennis tournament in the recent school holidays. We went to ask her some questions on how it went.

Jai said she travelled half an hour away to Walding Park to compete. “The competition was tough” she told us, some of her games going for three hours long.

Before the competition Jai had only played for two and a half years, but was still confident in her skills against the other players.

Jai tells us that it was a pretty cool tournament, with singles and doubles competing. Jai enjoys the challenge of playing against someone else one on one, and so she just plays singles. During the competition, nobody got hurt because the floor was soft and outside on great surfaces.

Amazingly, Jai came in second place and was really happy with how it went. She did it in style too, wearing full tennis gear, wristbands and all!

Belle Rountree and Sam Kong