Casebrook Football Roundup

By Nick Leith | Posted: Tuesday June 28, 2022

Casebrook is the home of Intermediate School Football in the Northwest of Ōtautahi/Christchurch! We have five teams - four boys' teams & one girls' team. In each newsletter we will share how things have gone for our teams. A big shout out to our parent coaches, Ben Careford (Rovers) and Lou Fyfe (United) and our staff coaches Charlotte Rennie, Nick Leith and Mackenzie Goble.

Casebrook Rovers

Report written by Jordy, Room 5

7th June - We played ChCh South B. We played well at the start of the first half but kind of backed off in the second. This week we scored twice but lost 3-2. The player of the day was Daniel.

14 June - In our fifth game we drew 2-2 against Heaton AFC. It was a very close game with some good passing and tackling. We had 2 goal scorers, Jordy and Luca who both played striker. Player of the day was Ben Ha for his great shift in defence.

21st June - A 1-1 draw against Chisnallwood in a game were we had heaps of the possession but couldn't find the winning goal. Player of the day was Paulie for great work in defence.

Casebrook Athletico

Report written by Quinn, Room 7

7th June - Our team had a pretty solid game in game 3. We had a rematch against Chch South and had good passes with good vision but however we still lost 5-0. We played our best and got a better result than last game by cutting the lead by 3 goals. Athletico played well and Ben Ha was awarded Player Of the Day.

14th June - In our fourth game of our season we had a tough game but we still tried our best and kept playing the game. We might have not won but we were up against one of their best teams. The score was 10 - 0 but we tried our best. And the player of the day was Tristan McGowan.

21st June - We were regraded which meant a win! We played Cobham and scored some great goals and really worked well as a team. The score was 3-1! Player of the day went to MD who ran fast and attacked really well.

Casebrook FC

Report written by Seth, Ryan and Jared, Room 5

7th June - We played Chisnallwood Blue, we had a solid game, our defence needs to be worked on and not giving the ball away as soon as we get it. Liam and Cody ended up scoring a goal each, the score was 2-6. POD was Josh.

14 June - We played Hillmorton Hazards. Our defence let us down and we need to work on triangle passing. This will help us get the ball up to the strikers instead of just booting it up the field. We lost 0-9 and our player of the day was Tom.

21 June - We had a win! 3-1 v Chisnallwood. We played really well, our best game for the year so far! There was some good passing - a triangle even - and some good goals scored by Ben, Cody and Liam. Player of the day was Ayush as he ran heaps and his defence was strong. 

Casebrook United

Report written by Tom, Room 1

7th June - We played Hillmorton Headers. We put out an outstanding performance. It was a very close game. It was 2-2 at half time, but then it slipped away from us and we lost 4-2. The player of the day was Max Hurring for his hard work and he just didn't stop going 100%.

14th June - We played Cobham E. It was a game of force back because someone got the ball and then it got taken off them. There was some great moments like the awesome goal that Charlie scored and the save that Max did. We came out with a draw 1-1 and the player of the day was Charlie.

21st June: We played Heaton in a friendly as our other team defaulted. We played well and had some good shots at goal (sadly though they did not go in) and some unselfish plays. Max was the one goal scorer. It was a penalty shot and he kicked it top bins! In the end it was 1-3 to Heaton but we did well. The player of the day was Tom. 

Casebrook Rapinoes

Report written by Jazmin, Room 5

7th June - our team played Christchurch South Intermediate girls football team. We won with a score of 6-4 and both of the teams played very well. Our player of the day was Emmy Sandford for her amazing striking abilities.

14th June - The Casebrook Rapinoes played Kirkwood Intermediate. We had a close game but in the end we came up on top with a final score of 1-0. The player of the day was Kanon Taki for her amazing tackling and defense.

21st June -  We went up against Chisnalwood Intermediate. It was a great game and once again we came out on the top with a score of 3-1. The player of the day was Jazmin Gebler for her amazing support and defense.