Year 7 Leaders at 'Be Inspired' Conference

By Nick Leith | Posted: Wednesday September 21, 2022

Our Year 7 class leaders were invited to the 'Be Inspired' conference at Christ's College this week.

Be Inspired is a special conference organised for Year 7 students from schools across Christchurch / Ōtautahi. Our students heard a keynote address from highly entertaining performer, Brendan Dooley and saw some really impressive magic tricks and some good lessons on leadership and being true to yourself.

The students then attended leadership workshops and worked alongside young leaders from other schools problem solving and hearing more about leadership in the 'real world'.

Some feedback:

Andrew - "I feel that our day out to Christ's College was very important to us because it allows us work with other leaders and develop our skills in leadership."

Jack - "It was really interesting working with other schools, and I liked the magicians tricks. I thought it was fun"

Mila - "It was really fun I made a new friend her name was Jessica and she made the whole experience just a little more enjoyable."

Ethan - "I enjoyed doing the drama workshop as it made my group communicate, be a team, and have courage to perform our act. All of those things are needed to be a good leader."

Awatea - "I really enjoyed my time at Christ's College because I got to learn important things about being a leader and the opportunities that someone can get." 

Tom - "It was a great experience and I learnt lots about leadership, but not just in school but for life and jobs and great talks that should be heard more by others."

Angus - "I enjoyed my day because of the comedy magician and we got to have sausage rolls for lunch. I also enjoyed listening to Pete Johnson and doing his activities."

Ashley - "My personal favourite was when the comedian magician was with us. He did heaps of impossible things and my favourite one was when he made a $20 dollar note vanish from his hands and end up inside a Crunchie bar."

Be Inspired is such a great opportunity for our students - a huge thanks to Christ's College for the invite.

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